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14 Dec

Polish Patent Office awarded my two blogs!

I would like to share with great information.

I do not know if you know but I run two blogs in Poland from 2013. One about trademarks and the other one about industrial designs. The one where you are now is a blog about brand protection, which I write in English. I put a lot of effort in order to publish valuable information. It turns out that my work was appreciated.

And how!

Polish Patent Office awarded my both blogs! All within the national competition titled:

media information concerning intellectual property


In the company of dr Alicja Adamczak (president of the Polish Patent Office)

In the company of dr Alicja Adamczak (president of the Polish Patent Office)
Fot. Robert Graff


After my face, you can see that the circumstance made me very happy 🙂

Madame president is very charming person.

It turned out that she remembered me.

Polish Patent Office granted me award.

In 2013, polish Patent Office, in the same competition granted me award. It was for eBook titled “10 things you should know about brand protection”.

I hope that in the coming year I will be able to translate it into English and made available here on the blog.

Since then I have written dozens of articles on both blogs and to various newspapers.

I also began to record short video clips.

It was an extremely busy year, but also extremely rewarding.

Look how to turn on captions on this videos.


Polish Patent Office awarded my two blogs!Information about the win gave me a lot of joy.

I feel that I create something valuable.

I have to prepare before I write an article.

You can not see this, but sometimes I have to prepare for several hours, before writing an article.

First I have to look at the relevant books and references. Later starts writing. At the end of my work, I wonder if someone besides me is able to understand it.

If I have doubts, I simplify everything.

After two years of blogging, this last step takes less time.

I feel that writing develops me.

Unfortunately, I can not devote as much time as I would like.

This is probably a problem of current world. I do not know the person, who would complain about an excess of free time.

In conclusion, I will repeat what I said in the recording.

Contact with readers gives me a power to action. I do not treat this reward otherwise. I will not stop. I have a lot of ideas for the next articles, and not only.

I hope that next year will be even more surprising.

Best regards

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Fot. Robert Graff

Mikołaj Lech

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