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13 Nov

IPT-REGISTER – can trick you into 2500 EUR!

I have seen many letters from tricksters. IPT-REGISTER set a schameful record. If my client has made the transfer, he would paid to the account of a private company almost 2500 EUR! I know that I have written several times about this dirty business. However, the new patterns of the letters from “creative entrepreneurs” occur. I have nothing to do but to speak openly about it.


What is IPT-REGISTER? An ordinary commercial offer.

If you have made a trademark application, than you should expect a letter from the tricksters.

Today, it is almost certain.

Each of these letters contains an information about the “fee for the publication of a trademark”. And where is that publication? In unknown to anyone database. In the case of IPT-REGISTER this pleasure costs almost 2500 EUR (1714,50 GBP).

The practice is based on human inattention.

When submitting an application for granting a protection, you realize that it is related to a particular official fees.

Letter from IPT-REGISTER

Usually, you are impatiently waiting for a decision regarding registration. And then you receive an officially-looking letter.

You are reading it superficially.

The name of your trademark is correct. The data of the applicant also. Sometimes you will find there an information about your patent attorney who deals with all formalities for you.

For some entrepreneurs it is sufficient.

They get tricked.

They think, that they received a letter, they have been waiting for. They assume that this is a fee for protection and they make a bank transfer.

When they are aware of the misteake – it is already too late. Money affects on the bank account of the tricksters.

Is it possible at all to talk about fraud?

Many of these letters are edited in a similar way. We can assume that the same persons stand behind these letters.Although formally they are issued by different companies.

What is important, each of them

contains an information that this is a voluntary offer.

Precisely, IPT-REGISTER has an appropriate note at the bottom of the letter. We can read there that it has nothing to do with the registry responsible for registering trademarks. When the payment is made, it means acceapting the Terms and Conditions and conclusion of the agreement on publication of the information about trademark, in their database.

Everything is written in black and white.

It seams that it is made in order not to be accussed of fraud.

The register’s graphics looks itself very professionally.


Unfortunately this dirty business is getting stronger. Like the mushrooms after the rain, the new exotic registers appear. Entrepreneurs who have registered their trademark are bombarded with such letters. They usually come every couple of months.

We can guess how many people makes a transfer by mistake. The numbers must be significant because the business is well developed.

It seems that the only way to defend is an information campaign warning about the threat.

The Polish Patent Office publishes such a warnings on its website. Probably sending such warnings to the applicant with the first correspondence would help.

That is my suggestion if this article was read by an employee of the Patent Office.

Unfortunately, nothing can replace the vigilance of the entrepreneur itself.

Mikołaj Lech

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