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28 Nov

Gingerbread, a taste of childhood

Today, I will not be writing about a law.

A reflection occurred to me, after I visited my grandparents.

I visited them recently unannounced, and I caught them in the act.

They were baking the best gingerbread in the world.

They are cookies, which are baked by Poles before Christmas.

Spicy cinnamon aroma was hovering in the stairwell.

Here still warm:


I am able to logically justify why these gingerbread are the best:

  • Because they are baked by my grandparents;
  • Because a recipe was perfected by the dozens (!) years;
  • Because I remember the taste of them from childhood.

With these arguments, it is impossible to argue 🙂

They are the best without any doubts.

When winter comes, we can face the various symptoms, signaling upcoming Christmas. For someone it could be “Last Christmas” on the radio, the first snow outside the window, or big cleaning of the house.

For me it has always been a large-scale campaign of baking gingerbread. The operation began in late November. The amount of dough was proportional to our appetite.

We baked gingerbread at once with 10 kg. of dough. Later, packed to the brim, the huge pots landed on my grandparent’s balcony.

The last gingerbread usually disappeared around the January.

Drinking coffee, and eating the best gingerbread in the world, awaken in me some reflections.

The world runs to fast. People have very little time. Unfortunatelly I am example of this. In order not to go crazy in all this madness, sometimes you might need to slow down. Christmas are a good oportunity.

I already felt that the period of preparation for them has just started.

Mikołaj Lech

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