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17 Oct

Cost of trademark registration in EUIPO. Fees for 2016 year.

If you are not interested in filing a trademark application in the Polish Patent Office in Warsaw, you have the other option. You can file a trademark application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante in Spain. If the trademark is registered, the protection is valid within the all countries of the European Union.


Trademark registration in EUIPO is better than filing a trademark in the separate countires, but you have to remember about restrictions. If there is earlierly registered national trademark which is similar or identical to yours, the owner can oppose your application. If he succeeds, your trademark will not be registered. Below I presented the current for 2016 year cost of trademark registration in EUIPO.



Cost of trademark registration in EUIPO.

trademark registration in EUIPOThe trademark application should be filed to EUIPO. If there are no obstacles, the trademark registration procedure should take about five months. Of course, such protection includes also the territory of Poland.


a) Application and protection:

  • a fee for EU trade mark application in 1 class – 1000 EUR
  • a fee for application (if it is done online) in 1 class – 850 EUR
  • a fee for second class – 50 EUR
  • a fee for each additionall class – 150 EUR



trademark registration in EUIPOIn EUIPO there is registered the following European Union trade mark (EUTM-004427291). It is protected in class 9 (life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments) and 41 (education and entertainment services).  If the application was made today, the cost of trademark registration in EUIPO would ammount to 900 EUR (850 EUR for the the first class + 50 EUR for the second class).

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