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10 Jul

How to legally use other people’s trademark?

You often ask me how to legally use other people’s trademark. This is shown by the number of comments under the article regarding the BMW case. Today’s entry will describe this issue in more detail. I will also try to answer the question that bothers you. Is it possible to put the logo of serviced […]

The company name registration will involve some costs from you. Such legal protection is obtained through trademark registration in the Patent Office. If you want to send formalities to the representative, ask the patent attorney for help. See the minimal prices for his services. Below are presented official fees valid for 2018. The company name registration […]

Trademark infringement is not a rare situation. Most of these cases result from entrepreneurs ignorance. Who one invent the “original name” and promote it without deeper reflection. The fact that the sign is protected by Patent Office a person finds out later with a warning letter from the law firm. If You have such situation, […]

Do you remember my article relating to trademark signs: „Word or figurative trademark – which one is better?”? I indicated in it that the answer to this question depends on your preferences. Nevertheless, the more pros I see in protecting the name of the company. Today I am developing this idea and I will describe […]

Today I describe an interesting case study. It’s about the case when the generic name has been used in a figurative trade mark. It’s  owner showed that he had exclusive right to the included words: artistic tea. Well, whether or not is this in your opinion the generic name? Generic name – definition Generic name […]