Mikołaj Lech

patent attorney

A lawyer, who specializes in industrial property law, combating unfair competition and copyright. Thanks to work in Patent Agency he has a contact with the current problems of entrepreneurs.
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I often get questions about when it is best to file a trademark application for protection. Generally, it’s better to do it one year too early than one day too late. Although the rules related to trademarks have not changed for years, the strategy of operation depends on the financial resources. Today, some advice for […]

While on vacation in Bulgaria, I visited toy stands. Honestly. In my life I have not seen so many fakes of LEGO bricks. I thought that in this example I will tell you what trademark similarity is. This is important because similar signs infringe the law. And there are some consequences. Examples of counterfeit LEGO […]

Rebranding is a process aimed at changing the perception of the brand. This is manifested by for example modification of the company logo. Such a change can be drastic or quite soft. However, I don’t know if you know that rebranding can be a threat to you in some situations. A trademark protected in the […]

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Trademark use is necessary. I will explain why.

I may surprise you, but you should use a registered trademark. If you fail to do so, your protection right may expire. So you will lose not only time (you have to wait several months for the certificate of registration) but also money. Interestingly, you should be happy from the shape of the regulations in […]

Today I would like to explain to you what a cease and desist letter of trademark infringement is. And this is the official pre-trial letter. It is sent by the proprietor of the trademark or the law firm representing him. It is addressed to the person accused of breaking the law. How to react to […]