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29 Aug

Business name registration – how much does it cost?

Business name registration will mean for you some costs. Today, I will present you an official costs resulting from trademark registration. If you want to obtain protection with the help of a professional, remember that a patent attorney can help you. I advice you to face up with a current minimal wages for his services. Below are presented the actual fees for the 2016 year.



Protection in Poland

Business name registration as a trademark is made in the Patent Office in Warsaw. The procedure takes about 1 year.


a) Application:

  • a fee for a trademark application up to 3 classes – 550 PLN (138 EUR). If it is done online a fee amounts to 500 PLN (125 EUR)
  • a fee for an additionall class above three – 120 PLN (30 EUR)

b) Protection:

  • a fee for 10-year protection period for each class up to three – 400 PLN (100 EUR)
  • a fee for each class above three – 450 PLN (113 EUR)
  • a fee for publication of an information about granted protection – 90 PLN (23 EUR)



business name registration

The following trademark RABBIT has been registered in classes 9 and 11. The official fees, at present moment would amount to 361 EUR (138 EUR for an application, 200 EUR for two classes and 23 EUR for publication).

Protection in European Union

Business name registration as a European Union trade mark is made in EUIPO (The European Union Intellectual Property Office) in Alicante in Spain. The procedure takes about 6 months. Below are presented the costs for an application and for 10-year protection period.


Actual fees for 2020 year:


a) Application and protection:

  • a fee for EU trade mark application in 1 class – 1000 EUR
  • a fee for application (if it is done online) in 1 class – 850 EUR
  • a fee for second class – 50 EUR
  • a fee for each additionall class – 150 EUR




Polish company VIFON registered the following trademark for one of it’s Chinese instant soups. The protection was granted for two classes. Therefore the official fees (if done online) amount to 900 EUR.

International protection – on the selected bunch of countries

There is a possibility of granting protection in Member States under the Madrid Protocol. Having a registered name as a trademark in Poland or in European Union, we extend protection on the selected countries.

The Madrid system is administered by the Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) based in Geneva. Detailed table of charges is presented here.


a) Application and protection:

  • Basic fee for application and protection up to three trademark classess:
    • trademark without colours – 653 CHF
    • trademark with colours – 903 CHF
  • a fee for each additionall class above three – 100 CHF
  • a fee for each indicated country being a member of The Madrid Agreement – 100 CHF
    • Some countries have established their own official fees



facebook-300x110Facebook, instead of making separate applications in each country, extended protection which it had in the United States. I decided to omit the huge costs of that proceeding. I think that Facebook could afford it 🙂

Business name registration with the help of a patent attorney

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