Mikołaj Lech

patent attorney

A lawyer, who specializes in industrial property law, combating unfair competition and copyright. Thanks to work in Patent Agency he has a contact with the current problems of entrepreneurs.
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1 Sep

About Me

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    European Union - Poland

I warmly welcome you to my blog!


My name is Mikołaj Lech and I am a lawyer by profession.

I am a patent attorney. I work in the family Patent Agency. I had a contact with industrial property law for as long as I can remember.

As a young boy I listened to discussions between my parents with interest. They very often discussed about problems concerning protection of brand or another interesting disputes. I remember that I considered a profession of the patent attorney as the best profession in the world.



The answer is very simple.

When my father came back from business talks from the clients from confectionery company, he has often brought me and my brother, full bags of sweets.

It made an unforgettable impression for a 7-year old boy.

I did not want to look for the bones of dinosaurs anymore.

I wanted to be a patent attorney 🙂


Luckily, the law interested me.

In some point it even turned into my passion.

When I started working in the Patent Agency I noticed that most of our clients’ problems is caused by their lack of knowledge.

Entrepreneurs are usually very busy with their everyday problems.

They provide services to their clients and they try to get new customers. Generally, the are fighting to preserve their position at the difficult polish market.

Very few of them thinks about the protection of their brand.

And it is a mistake.

I know cases, where the entrepreneurs where forced to change the name of their company, after many years of presence on the market. It was caused by the fact that, somebody had registered the same trademark before them.

They were familiar with the fact of infringement after receiving the letter from a law firm.

Unfortunately, these situations can happen.


Thus was born the idea for writing a blog.

At the beginning of the 2013 I started writing a blog in Polish (you will find it here).

I noticed that the problems of the entrepreneurs with trademarks are similar at the territory of whole European Union. This is why I decided to write about them, also in English. We help the companies from many countries, since Poland became the part of the European Union.

In the age of the Internet, the distance loses its meaning 🙂

I come to the conclusion that I will be using a simple and understandable language. It is also important to me to talk about the issues the people are interested with. It turned out simpler than I thought.

It was enough to listen to the proposals of our clients and readers of this blog.


I hope that you will also find here many valuable information.


Best regards
Mikołaj Lech