Mikołaj Lech

patent attorney

A lawyer, who specializes in industrial property law, combating unfair competition and copyright. Thanks to work in Patent Agency he has a contact with the current problems of entrepreneurs.
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August 2016

Business name registration will mean for you some costs. Today, I will present you an official costs resulting from trademark registration. If you want to obtain protection with the help of a professional, remember that a patent attorney can help you. I advice you to face up with a current minimal wages for his services. […]

My clients very often ask me a question. Is a registered trademark helpful? When a trademark application should be filed for protection? Generally it is better to do it one year earlier than one day too late. Although the rules associated with trademarks remained the same for many years, than the operating strategy is dependent […]

I’ve been asked the question about monopoly by one of my clients recently. If you are reading my blog for a while now, you probably think that the answer is simple. However it emerges that there exist a lot of disagreements in that matter. What is more, I often have to explain the scope of […]

12 Aug

Domain name scams: how does it work?

You receive a phone call. The person on the other side is making you an offer you cannot refuse: either you’ll buy all domains containing the name of your company in an hour, or your competitors will do it. They are just informing you honestly and are giving you the right of pre-emption. This is […]

11 Aug

Illegal use of the R in a circle sign

Those of you who follow my blog know certainly, what do basic intellectual property designations mean. Today I’d like to tell you something about the R in a circle sign and what is the punishment for illegal using of it. It is said that not knowing the law is harmful. Here we have a great […]