Mikołaj Lech

patent attorney

A lawyer, who specializes in industrial property law, combating unfair competition and copyright. Thanks to work in Patent Agency he has a contact with the current problems of entrepreneurs.
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January 2016

From the beginning of spring, the Community Trade Mark will be only a piece of history. It will be replaced by the European Union Trade Mark. Its registration fees will be changed. Also the name of The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, will become the European Union Intellectual Property Office now. As You […]

The Internet is indignant. The Polish Patent Office refused to grand protection to a trademark „pożar w burdelu / fire in the mess”. A word „burdel” has the two meanings. It can be understood as a „mess” or as a „brothel”. Both are offensive words. Theoretically, this kind of terms are not registered. The practice […]

5 Jan

What does the letter R in the circle mean?

Do you really know what does the letter R in the circle mean? Looking closely at the different brands on the market, it can be seen that some of them are using this particular symbol. However, not everyone knows what it actually means. Of course this does not stop people from advising others in this […]