Mikołaj Lech

patent attorney

A lawyer, who specializes in industrial property law, combating unfair competition and copyright. Thanks to work in Patent Agency he has a contact with the current problems of entrepreneurs.
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September 2014

27 Sep

Patent attorney – how can he help you?

Patent attorney is a very interesting profession. Many people have insufficient knowledge concerning that profession. I managed to notice that it is associated with patents for inventions. It should not be surprising. It is suggested by the name „patent”. The mentioned patents are only a part of our everyday duties. They are not the most […]

  Turn captions on and off If a video has captions, you can turn them on by clicking the captions icon at the bottom of the video. Depending on your location, the captions icon will look like one of the following: or To turn them off, click the captions icon, then Turn Captions Off.   […]